See the City from the Mississippi

Experience the city like you never have before!

This is the full Minneapolis trip and our most popular trip. It's a super fun, 8+ mile, 2.5 - 3 hr., self-guided trip into Downtown Minneapolis. This section of the Mississippi is designated as a National River and Recreation Area. You'll start at River Park in Brooklyn Park and end at Boom Island Park in Minneapolis. Features of the trip:

Discounted rate is $59 per person when you wipe out your own kayak at the end, towels & disinfectant provided.  (Add $15 if we clean.)  Reservations required. We take reservations 7 days a week.

A guided option is available for $85 per person. 4 person minimum. Includes pictures.

All skill levels welcome! We include a short, on-shore paddling lesson for those who want one, and a  trip map will be provided. 

Please note that all river trips require that you arrange transportation for yourself at both ends. Most groups use two cars and leave one at the end and carpool to the start; or many use Uber, and some bike or have friends/family drive them. We meet you at the start with the kayaks and pick them up at the end.

Have questions? Call 612-708-2781 or email: 

Video highlights from Mississippi River