Two Rivers Tour

"The St. Paul Trip"

The Two Rivers Tour, our St. Paul trip, is fun and interesting for visitors and locals alike. The self-guided trip takes approximately three hours, depending on weather and how much you paddle or stop to sightsee. You’ll get a tour map to point out the sights along the way. 

The tour starts at Hidden Falls Park. If you'd like you can paddle upstream for a minute, around the bend, to take a peek at the Mississippi Lock and Dam #1. Then head down the Mississippi River to a channel through Fort Snelling State Park that leads into the Minnesota River. You’ll pass by the historic Mendota Bridge and around Pike Island to the confluence of the Mississippi and Minnesota Rivers. The confluence, known to the Dakota people as Bdote, is believed to be the place of first creation.

On your way down the Mississippi, enjoy scenic views of the colorful river bluffs and iconic sites such as Fort Snelling, the Cathedral of St. Paul and the Schmidt Brewery. You'll go under the Highway 5 and 35E bridges. Experience nature along the shore as well as symbols of industry like giant barges, grain elevators, and a historic 1916 railroad swing bridge. 

The tour finishes with a trip under the 160-foot Smith Avenue High Bridge and a breathtaking view of the St. Paul skyline before ending at Harriet Island's grand stairs at the historic Wigington Pavilion. You'll see the city from a whole new perspective. 

A self-guided tour is just $59* per person and can be booked 7 days a week with four or more people, depending on our availability. A trip map is provided.

Guided tours available for groups of 4 or more at $89* per person. 

*when you wipe out your own kayak at the end (towels provided), add $15 if we clean.

Please note that all river trips require that you arrange transportation for yourself at both ends. Most groups use two cars and leave one at the end and carpool to the start; or many use Uber, and some bike or have friends/family drive them. We meet you at the start with the kayaks and pick them up at the end.

Have questions? Call 612-708-2781 or email: 

Video highlights from Two Rivers Tour

Video highlights Two Rivers Tour - Sunset