Picnic and Paddle Island Adventure

3- Mile Trip on the Mississippi

Looking for something short, sweet and fun to do with your friends, family, or church/school/work group? Try our 2 hour Picnic and Paddle.

The self-guided kayak outing starts at River Park in Brooklyn Park and ends at Riverfront Regional Park in Fridley. Along the way, stop at the Islands of Peace for a little snack and exploring. Kids love to dip their feet in the Mississippi, swing on the rope swing, and hunt for rocks. Adults do too!

The trip takes about 2 hours (approximately 1 hour paddling, 1 hour on the island) and is suitable for beginners. $49 plus tax* per person (discounts for kids under 7). Includes an insulated picnic basket to store your snacks in your kayak. We also include a short, on-shore paddling lesson for those who want one.  A trip map will be provided. 

*when you wipe out your own kayak at the end (towels provided), add $15 if we clean.

Please note that all river trips require that you arrange transportation for yourself at both ends. Most groups use two cars and leave one at the end and carpool to the start; or many use Uber, and some bike or have friends/family drive them. We meet you at the start with the kayaks and pick them up at the end.

For questions or to make reservations call 612-708-2781 or email booking@twincitieskayaking.com.